Wednesday, 21 November 2012

24-Year-Old Man Breaks Record, Gets Arrested After Being Caught With 15 Prostitutes

While most prostitutes appear in court MINUS clients, Tapiwa Musara (24) scored a first as it were, as he was the only man charged along with the 15 alleged thigh vendors. Tapiwa, along with 12 self-confessed hookers, readily pleaded guilty to soliciting for the purposes of prostitution while three pleaded not guilty.
The three vehemently denied saying that they were not thigh vending, but they were just girls who were having some good time. The convicted 13 were slapped with US$20 fine and the court did not give them any time to pay as the fine had to be paid forthwith. Failure to pay the fine attracted a 10-day imprisonment sentence.
State led by prosecutor Tendai Kabudura proved that on 13 November, at around 8pm in the CBD, Tapiwa along with the 12 had been nabbed by the cops after they were unlawfully and intentionally solicited for prostitution. It had been proved that they were standing along the streets luring men for sex in return for cash.
They had all been asked what they were doing at the streets corners and they failed to give satisfactory answers leading to their arrest and appearance in court. The other three suspected prostitutes who pleaded not guilty to the charge will be back in court on 22 November for trial.

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