Saturday, 8 September 2012

Husband accuess wife to be A WITCH in Lagos

A 39-year-old teacher, Adams Ariyo, who was dragged before an Agege Customary Court for divorce over lack of care, has accused his wife,  Ajoke, of being a witch, as according to him, the woman was responsible for his dwindling fortunes.
Adams however informed the court that since Ajoke moved into  their matrimonial home in 2002 before they separated in 2006, his business was not booming.  Besides, a soothsayer once told him that Ajoke belonged to a demonic group of women who hinder the progress of their husbands.
”I did not believe what the soothsayer said until l had a dream that revealed her demonic power to me”.
The respondent  claimed that the wife moved out of their matrimonial home when he did not allow her to hawk palm wine in the neighbourhood and then resorted to blackmail.
Adams alleged that his son was over pampered by Ajoke who always bought things for him hence he took to stealing.
The husband urged the court to dissolve the marriage and grant him custody of the only child for proper care.
In her submission, the 34-year-old woman informed the court that Adams denied her access to the child for six years until last year when she saw him  (child) in Agege.
The food vendor also told the court that she was not happy because her child was so dirty and was living in the area where hemp smokers dominated, adding that she didn’t want the nine-year-old boy to be influenced negatively.
”What really baffled me was that my nine-year-old boy is in primary two despite the fact that his father is a teacher at a nursery and primary school in Ikeja”.
The applicant urged the court to grant her custody of the child because Adams was already married to another woman who bore a child for him.
The court adjourned the case till September 10, 2012 for further hearing.

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