Thursday, 15 November 2012

Man who spent years trying to look like a cat is found dead

AN AMERICAN navy veteran who spent years trying to make himself look like a CAT has been found dead.

 Dennis Avner, 54, spent thousands of dollars on operations and tattoos to transform into a tiger.

 The computer programmer had his lip surgically split, his ears pointed and underwent silicone implants in his cheeks and forehead.

 He also had his teeth shaped to look like fangs and was seen sporting claw-like fingernails.

 Avner, from Tonopah, Nevada, told pals he liked to be referred by his Native American name of "Stalking Cat".

 On a website he wrote: "I am Huron and following a very old tradition have transformed myself into a tiger."

 Avner, who appeared at Ripley's Believe It or Not! events around the world was found dead at home on November 5.

 His cause of death has not been made clear, but his friend Shannon Larratt wrote in a blog that he had "taken his own life".

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