Monday, 8 October 2012

Woman Deliver Quintuplets At Age 52 Two Years After Losing Their 22yr old Son

Finally, against all odds, the children were delivered at Bombay Hospital, Mumbai, on May 3. Though they were born at 32 weeks, miraculously they were all in good shape. At age 52, Mrs. Ezeono was delivered of five healthy babies; two boys and three girls!

A mum’s joy at 52
“If you were in my shoes,” Mrs. Ezeono asks, “what would you do?” Tears of joy streamed down her cheeks as she speaks. “Up till now, it is still like a dream. My husband was by me all the way. They came out of incubator and they asked us to go. The calculation was that they will spend one month in the incubator, but they spent only two weeks. So, when we got to the hotel room, we couldn’t believe it! We were counting them and dancing.”
So popular was the story of the 52-year-old Nigerian woman who gave birth to quintuplets, the hospital became a tourist site as people came from far and wide to witness firsthand the miracle and the parish priest and the community gave them a lot of gifts, including a bust of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.
In gratitude to her husband, Mrs. Ezeono says: “My husband was everything to me; my stomach was so big he cleaned me up, fed me and washed me. When the babies came, I was so tired I couldn’t feed them, but he would put the breasts in their mouths.”

How does it feel having five kids at the age of 52?
“My dear, from the names we gave to these children you should know my strength came from nowhere but God. The first child is a boy, so we gave him our late son’s name, Chukwudi Ebere Emeka. The second boy’s name was Onyelukachukwu, which means who performs like God, but he later died. He was followed by Rosary, because the Rosary was our only weapon. It was in India that they came to appreciate my Thank You Jesus rosary. Next was Azanam, and finally Nnechukwu.”
Like in tradition, the Ezeonos received a lot of gifts on their return to Nigeria. But the one that made the greatest impact was the quantity of diapers they got. It was so much they had to clear a whole room to store them and it was more than 12 months after that they had need to purchase diapers.

A year after
Today, the four surviving kids are waxing stronger and the Ezeonos are amazed at their growth.
“These kids are healthy. None of them is physically or mentally challenged. I never cease to be amazed at what they do. When we wanted to introduce them to cereals, we bought Cerelac, but none of them accepted it. They were contented with akamu, so the cost of feeding was slashed.
“Now they eat ewedu, spinach, semovita and noodles. I have three nannies plus my mother. My husband has an office; I don’t know when last he was there,” says Mrs. Ezeono, as the couple laughed joyfully.

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