Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bizarre: Kidnappers Float Association In Nsukka

Kidnappers in the university town of Nsukka in Enugu state seem not in a hurry to dump their filthy lucre despite the efforts of the state Police Command to run them out of town. Apparently calling the bluff of law enforcement agents and playing the lords of the town and its environs, the hoodlums have formed an association.
The body known as Association of Kidnappers of Nsukka (AKN) made its debut in the town recently. Although it operates in secrecy, the group has started pasting notices on building walls ordering residents to pay huge ransoms or get ready to be attacked.
A resident, Ekene Ugwu, said they pasted one of such notices in the neighbourhood around Ibagwa road and people were panicky. He said that some residents including lawyers in the area have notified the police and taken precautionary security measures. But the Enugu State police command has told residents to go about their daily businesses as the police were handling the situation.
The police spokesman, Ebere Amaraizu disclosed that the police had picked the telephone numbers dropped by the author of the letters in various homes, for further investigation.

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