Sunday, 7 October 2012

University Of Abuja Big Girl Dies Vomiting Blood After Buying N8 Million Car

Many are still yet to come to terms with untimely demise of University of Abuja student, Sonia Okeke who reportedly died in a mysterious circumstance recently.
Sources say the Awka- Anambra State born pretty damsel was one of the campus big babe with connections with the movers and shakers of the nation’s seat of power. Sonia is said to be a generous person and even sponsors some ladies through school.

Trouble started shortly after Sonia bought a state of the art wonder-on-wheels for N8 million as people started noticing she was no longer her bubbly self and was growing lean by the day. “It got so bad that she was advised to go to the hospital for check-up, but she refused saying she was fine and just needed some rest.
But it one night, she was coughing badly and was vomiting blood. She was rushed to the hospital but it was too late for the doctors to revive her having waited that long before seeking medical attention,” said a source.
Now the police are said to be investigating whether there is a sinister move behind her death, and request that her friends should come forward with names of her boy or men friends.
May her soul rest in peace.

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Better for her...........