Friday, 26 October 2012

Elizabeth Taylor Tops Forbes’ List Of Highest Earning Dead Celebrities… Edges Micheal Jackson To 2nd Spot

Take a dead Hollywood legend known for her stunning jewelry and a record-breaking auction and what do you get? The highest-earning dead celebrity, Elizabeth Taylor, who earned $210 million last year, beating out Michael Jackson’s $145 million.
Zack O’Malley Greenburg, Forbes staff writer, said while Taylor’s perfume line is still earning money, it was her record-breaking auctions through Christie’s that gave her the top spot in Forbes’ annual list of dead-earnings celebrities.

Forbes analyzed their earnings for a year starting in October 2011, the 13 of them pulled a total of $532.5 million.
Talk about the dead still raking in money from their grave – vanity or modesty?
1. Elizabeth Taylor-$210 Million
2. Michael Jackson-$145 Million
3. Elvis Presley-$55 Million
4. Charles Schulz-$37 Million
5. Bob Marley-$17 Million
6. John Lennon-$12 Million
7. Marilyn Monroe-$10 Million
7. Albert Einstein-$10 Million
9. Dr. Seuss-$9 Million
10. Steve McQueen-$8 Million
10 Bettie Page- $8 Million
12. Richard Rogers-$6 Million
13. George Harrison-$5.5 Million

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