Sunday, 16 September 2012

Queen Ure Okezie: Why I am no longer a Pastor

Queen Ure Okezie, who was a banker for more than a decade, is an interesting personality. This diva, ex-pastor, celebrity, ex-wife of Soul-E, a musician, whose marriage crashed after a few years, is a great beauty. In this interview with Adaeze Amos of National Mirror, she reveals why she stopped being a pastor and how she regained her composure when her marriage crashed.


You were a pastor, why did you step out from pastoral work?

Most of last year, I was out of the country and I handed the ministry over to someone. You know how it is when you are not the one there, they had some challenges and they couldn’t continue. I still go to church every Sunday. I have gone back to my former church which is Household of God Church, owned by Pastor Chris Okotie.

Is that why people are insinuating that you have an intimate relationship with Pastor Chris Okotie; is it true?

Well, I think that both of us (Pastor Chris and myself) are two people who God’s hand is upon. So, in our lives, only the counsel of God will stand. I’m in Household to worship. I have been a householder for years. Pastor Chris is a man of God that I hold in high esteem and I respect him a lot.

What do you do when you are heartbroken?

Why should people be heartbroken? Is it that you are in a relationship and the person walks out or when a person is not getting enough attention from the person she loves? Well, you are bound to feel bad for a while. I don’t think it is right to desire to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you. It doesn’t even make sense to begin to cry over someone. There are over a billion people on earth and then you choose one person and begin to cry over the person, it doesn’t make sense.

Haven’t you been heartbroken before?

I have but I didn’t get heartbroken for long because I’m a wonderful person, I’m a loving person, I’m fun to be with and anyone who has me is blessed. That is the way I look at it. Someone should know your value and if the person doesn’t know, it is his loss. Women should begin to value themselves and you should be a woman that a man would need, not a woman that needs a man. That doesn’t mean I can’t fall in love and I’m like, ‘oh my God I would like to be with this person’. I’m a very open person; if I like you, I would tell you I like you and the whole world would know I like you. I’m not someone who hides my feelings. But if you didn’t feel the same way, before you know what is going on, I’m done with you.

When your marriage with Soul-E crashed, all sorts of things were written about you and…
I didn’t even let that bother me (cuts in). Yes, if you meet a million people, they would have a million opinions about you. And those opinions have nothing to do with who you are. From my early childhood, I grew not to bother about what people think of me because time would eventually unfold who you truly are

SHALLOW…What an interview! What an advice! Hey, you can’t give what you don’t even have in the first place…Imagine a statement like thisI was out of the country and I handed the ministry over to someone – And so, Madam, the ministry died? Why won’t it die…It would always die when people chose to call themselves into God’s ministry and not God calling them into His ministry…No wonder people always say – BEAUTY AND BRAIN – Very Very UNCOMMON…SMH

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