Sunday, 30 September 2012


Nigeria at 52, so far so good?

It is not so far, so good, but so far, so bad. What do we have to show for the 52nd Anniversary? Nothing to show for sovereign state at 52 years.

Education system solidly built by our founding fathers has been destroyed by negative leadership; all the values that we hold so dear that hold the fabrics of the nation are gone; health care system has become moribund nationwide; while agriculture is in a sorry state. Besides, there is no employment for school leavers. So, what do we have to show for 52 years of our independence?

Other nations that have oil make sure they have savings, all without exception; we don't have any saving; all we make and have, all have been shared and looted. The constitution that we have been fighting to get improved is completely bad from head to toe. Nothing to show for our 52 years.

I have over the years been maintaining the stand that all the pillars which out to be present in a sovereign state are missing in the Nigeria state. These are a strong and courageous judiciary; loyal and disciplined police force; the executive that is committed to the welfare and service of the citizenry; the press that is as good as the harlot, unlike other democracies where they further the cause of democracies.

Future of Nigeria
For the future of the country to be turned around, the present irregular structure of Nigeria which the President presides over is lopsided must be corrected. The country is improperly structured at the moment, making it not to be easy to rule and lead successfully by a president. At the moment, we are running it like the Yugoslavia of the eighties when they were killing each other like goats.

Besides, we have a leadership that is irresponsible especially the National Assembly. Many of those elected into office have no fixed background and parenthood. Many of them are from questionable homes who cannot celebrate their parents. Any hope for Nigeria I have not lost hope

Nigeria. Everything, all that we need to prosper and flourish as a nation have been endowed to us by God. The problem is that they are being terribly mismanaged by those in authority. Something must urgently be done or happen so that all those endowments from God can be put into proper use instead of inside  the  pockets  of individuals. All our gains of pre-independence have been lost through mismanagement and corruption.

Why we must restructure
Nigeria must restructure if we want to make any headway. If we must do restructuring, we should go back to the regions of old where we had   tremendous advancement in virtually every area of our lives.

This time, we should restructure along the six geopolitical zones of the country on linguistic principle as the basis of governance. It is only y doing so that Nigeria can be saved otherwise, the country might be no more and be gone for ever.

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